1. You don’t want to lose iPhone content you purchased especially if you lose the iPhone or it gets stolen. To prevent misplasing important applications and app data, simply backup the iPhone apps along with other purchases such as books or music to the PC.

    To transfer iPhone apps to your computer, follow these basic steps:

    Quick method to backup and transfer iPhone apps to iTunes

    1. Run iTunes on your PC
    2. Connect your iOS device to your computer and let it appear in the main iTunes window

      connect iphone to itunes to transfer apps to pc
    3. Press the ALT button on your PC and navigate to File > Devices > Transfer purchases

      transfer purchases itunes iphone apps
    4. If asked, authorize your PC by entering your Apple ID and password

    Your iPhone apps are now backed up to your iTunes Media folder under “Mobile Applications”.

    This is how to transfer iPhone aps to PC.


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  2. There have been a number of reports that iCloud Control Center fails to sync contacts and calendars to Outlook under the new Windows 8.1. This is quick to fix.

    Contacts you add to iCloud are not automatically synced to Outlook on the PC and the same issue exists for calendars. To resolve the issue, follow the instructions below:

    Solution 1:

    1. Open iCloud Control Panel on your Windows 8.1 PC

      run icloud control center on windows 8.1
    2. Un-check the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks with Outlook” option and apply the changes.

      disable mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks sync in icloud control panel
    3. Now, check back the box next to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks”

      enable mail, contacts, calendars sync in icloud on windows 8
    4. Open Outlook on your PC and see whether the issue is resolved.

    Solution 2:

    1. Run iCloud Control Panel on the computer
    2. With the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks” option checked, click “Sign out”

      sign out of icloud control panel
    3. Upon prompt, click “Delete from computer” this will only temporarily delete the contact and calendar entries from your Windows PC but will not affect the data saved in your iCloud account

      do you want to keep a copy of icloud calendars windows 8
    4. Sign back in and select “Sync to Outlook”
    5. Run Outlook on the PC and see whether the iCloud contacts and calendars have been synced

    Solution 3 – Manually sync iCloud contacts and calendars to Outlook

    If the above solutions fail to resolve the issue, use the following utility to manually sync your iCloud contacts and calendars to Outlook on any Windows 8.1 PC.

    1. Download the tool from the following page. It works in a similar way to the iCloud Control Panel:

    2. Run the program on your PC and connect your iCloud account by navigating to More > Cloud setup

      connect icloud account on windows 8.1 without control panel
    3. Click iCloud

      add icloud account to copytrans contacts
    4. Enter the iCloud account username and password

      enter icloud username and password on computer
    5. Your iCloud contacts will appear in the main program window. You can see that these are sourced from iCloud by the little cloud icon on the left. Click on “Export selected”

      icloud contacts on windows 8.1
    6. Click “Outlook (direct export to Outlook)”

      transfer icloud contacts and calendars to outlook on windows
    7. Select the Outlook Contacts where to transfer the iCloud contacts and click OK

      choose outlook contacts folder copytrans contacts
    8. The iCloud contacts are now manually synced to Outlook on Windows 8.1 without the need for iCloud Control Panel.

      outlook contacts synced to icloud windows 8.1

    Solutions provided by Microsoft and Apple

    Let me know in the comments section below if you found more solutions for iCloud Control Panel not syncing on Windows 8.1.


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  3. If you decided to give up your BlackBerry for an iPhone, or you are switching from iPhone to BlackBerry you might ask yourself how to transfer your contacts from one device to the other. There are several complicated guides using a multitude of tools or mysterious synchronization services, but recently when exploring CopyTrans' FAQ I found two quite simple guides on how to move contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone and from iPhone to BlackBerry.

    All you need is CopyTrans Contacts and the BlackBerry Desktop Software. To download these tools please refer to:
    After having installed both programs on your PC, please select the appropriate user guide:

    Transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone

    1. Run the BlackBerry Desktop Software and connect your BlackBerry to the PC
    2. If you want you can make a full backup of your BlackBerry before transferring your contacts
    3. Once done, switch to the "Organizer" tab, select "Contacts -> Windwos Contacts" and click "Configure"

      transfer contacts from blackberry to iphone
    4. For the Sync direction make sure to select "One way to your computer only" and confirm with "OK"
    5. Back in the main window click "Sync Organizer", check once again the changes that will be made und start the "Sync"
    6. All your contacts have been saved to the Windows Contacts folder
    7. Now start CopyTrans Contacts and connect your iPhone to the PC
    8. Click "Import contacts" and navigate to your contacts folder
    9. Select all contacts and click "Open"
    10. copy contacts from blackberry to iphone
    11. All your contacts have been successfully transferred from the BlackBerry to the iPhone

    Transfer iPhone contacts to BlackBerry

    1. Run CopyTrans Contacts and connect your iPhone to the computer
    2. Once the iPhone contents show up, select the contacts that you want to transfer to the BlackBerry and click "Export selected"
    3. Next, select "BlackBerry" and make sure to save your iPhone contacts directly to the Windows Contacts folder (C:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT\Contacts), as the BlackBerry Desktop Software will only look in this folder for your contacts
    4. copy iphone contacts to blackberry
    5. Now open the BlackBerry Desktop Software and connect your BlackBerry to the PC
    6. Switch to the tab named "Organizer" and check the option "Contacts -> Windows Contacts"
    7. Click "Configure" and set the Sync direction to "One way to your device only"
    8. Confirm with OK and back in the Organizer tab click "Sync Organizer"
    9. Check if the number of contacts that will be added to your BlackBerry corresponds to the number of contacts that you exported from your iPhone and click "Sync"
    10. transfer iphone address book to blackberry
    11. That's it, you successfully transferred your contacts from the iPhone to the BlackBerry handheld

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  4. My niece recently switched companies and had to disable her Exchange account on her iPhone. All her iPhone contacts were synced via Exchange so she had a real hard time figuring out how to keep her iPhone contacts while disabling her Exchange account. This is how I helped her sort it out.

    The Problem: Exchange password incorrect and prompt to delete Exchange contacts from iPhone

    You have left your old company and you have been asked to remove your Exchange sync account from your iPhone. You might even not have been asked: your Exchange password/account was simply disabled and you get an annoying message reading “Enter the password for the Exchange account”.

    Upon trying to remove your Exchange account from your iPhone, you receive a prompt to either delete contacts from your iPhone or cancel the operation.

    The Solution: How to keep your Exchange contacts on your iPhone after disabling your account

    There is a way to prevent your Exchange contacts from being deleted from your iPhone and at the same time be able to disable your Exchange account. To do so you would need to:

    1. Backup the Exchange contacts which currently reside on your iPhone to your computer using a small PC tool called CopyTrans Contacts. You can download it from here:

    save exchange contacts to iphone

    2. Open the program on your computer and connect your iPhone to your PC. You can see that all of your iPhone contacts will show up (including Exchange contacts which show up with the Exchange logo on the side)

    3. Now back up all of your iPhone contacts to your PC by using the “Export selected” button

    4. Once you have the contacts on your computer you can safely disable your Exchange account ant then re-import the deleted contacts back to your iPhone from your PC. To complete the proces, don’t forget to follow the rest of the directions outlined here: How to save Exchange contacts to iPhone after leaving your old job .


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  5. An easy solution to transfer contacts from iPhone directly to Outlook, without having to use the iTunes sync or one of the sub-optimal CSV files, has shortly been added to CopyTrans Contacts.

    How does it work and how to find the app?

    1.) Download and install CopyTrans Contacts
    You can download the app from this page: Transfer iPhone contacts to Outlook

    In following the installation wizard, the program is set up within a minute. Now click on CopyTrans Contacts to start the program.

    2.) Transfer contacts from iPhone directly to Outlook
    To transfer or export/import your iPhone contacts to Outlook, connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC and wait until your contacts, notes and calendars show up.

    Now, you can select the contacts that you wish to transfer to Outlook. Once done, click on "Export selected" and select "Outlook - (direct export to Outlook)".

    copy contacts iphone to outlook

    In den appearing window you can now select the Outlook folder to transfer your iPhone contacts to. In this case I simply transferred some contacts out of my "Friends" contact group to the folder named "Personal Contacts".

    transfer iphone contacts to outlook

    If your Outlook is open you can see in "live" how the contacts are imported/your Outlook folder gets populated with your iPhone contacts. That's it. Transferring iPhone contacts to Outlook is that easy :)

    import contacts from iphone to outlook

    Note: In some cases Outlook may inform you that a program tries to access your email addresses. Please make sure to grant access for about 1 or max. 10 minutes. CopyTrans Contacts needs the access to transfer your contacts.

    CopyTrans Contacts also verifies if some of your contacts from the iPhone already exist in Outlook. If it detects that you are about to create duplicate contacts in Outlook it will ask you if you really want to add those contacts once again or if you rather prefer not to import them to Outlook. This way Outlook stays free from duplicate contacts.

    outlook duplicate contacts

    More information about CopyTrans Contacts and the download can be found here: CopyTrans Contacts.


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  6. Friday last week another update of CopyTrans Contacts has been released. What is CopyTrans Contacts? It's an easy solution to transfer, edit and save iPhone contacts and notes on PCs. When I upgraded to the new version I first didn't find any changes, but as soon as I wanted to create a new iPhone note the change became obvious :)

    With the latest update, CopyTrans Contacts got an editor for your iPhone notes. Using the editor you can do the following:

    Write your iPhone notes in bold, underlined, italic and colored.

    You can also create lists:
    • Ordered
    • lists
    1. Unordered
    2. lists

    You can also align the text: left, right, centered or justified.

    On your PC and your iPhone it looks like this:

    iphone notes editor pc


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  7. With the latest update of CopyTrans Contacts that probably has been released last Friday, you are now able to add, edit, delete and save iPhone notes directly from and to the PC.

    I already tested the new feature and here's how it works:

    1. Download CopyTrans Contacts from: Save iPhone notes to PC
    2. Start it and connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the computer
    3. Wait until your contacts and notes have been loaded and appear in the interface
    4. On the left side you will now find a new bar where you can switch between the contacts and notes part
    5. Click on the notes icon and have fun! :)

    edit and delete iphone notes

    To add a new note use the blue +, to edit existing notes click on to green pen, to delete iPhone notes use the red X and to apply changes don't forget to confirm in clicking the green tick. To save iPhone notes to the PC, select the notes and click on "Export selected". Your notes will be saved as .txt files in the selected folder.
    iphone notes backup to pc

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  8. I just discovered on the Facebook page of CopyTrans that they published a Halloween coupon code to get 50% off on CopyTrans Contacts.

    Here is the link to the offer: CopyTrans Contacts 50% off

    The short features-list:
    • Backup iPhone contacts to PC
    • Transfer contacts from iPhone to Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Excel, Android etc.
    • Copy contacts from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, iPad, iPod Touch etc.
    • Edit iPhone contacts from PC
    • Group contacts
    • Delete multiple contacts at once
    • Import contacts from PC, Outlook etc. to iPhone
    • New: Add, Edit and Backup iPhone notes

    And the image that goes along :)
    halloween iphone contacts tool

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  9. CopyTrans Contacts the solution for easy iPhone contacts management and backup on PC already supports iPhone 5 and iOS 6 and is available for $4.99 instead of $9.99 until October 21st.

    As already mentioned on this blog, CopyTrans Contacts is the only all-in-one solution to manage iPhone contacts from a PC. It not only enables to create a backup of the address book, but also offers the possibility to export contacts from the iPhone to Outlook, Hotmail, Excel, Android etc. and to import contacts from Outlook, Excel etc. to the iPhone. Additionally users can edit iPhone contacts using the PC keyboard, create iPhone contacts groups and delete multiple iPhone contacts at once.

    In short: If you are looking for a simple solution to manage, save or edit iPhone contacts from the PC, you should grab a license before the price is going up.

    PS: Another nice review of the program can be found on Cnet.com:

    "Remember the PalmPilot? Remember how it synced all your contacts to either Palm Desktop or Outlook? That was pretty nice.

    If you're a Windows user, there's no such desktop option for managing your iPhone address book. Sure, it gets backed up when you sync with iTunes, but there's no way to view or edit all those contacts. Your only real option is to switch to syncing with iCloud, which affords limited browser-based contact management.

    Thankfully, there's another option: CopyTrans Contacts. This simple Windows utility lets you organize, edit, back up, and export your iPhone address book.

    Source: http://reviews.cnet.com

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  10. iphone contacts on pcWindSolutions just announced the launch of the final version of CopyTrans Contacts - the easy to use PC tool for comprehensive iPhone contacts backup and management.

    "CopyTrans Contacts frees people to import, export, edit and save their iOS device contacts through their PC, finally enabling simple and total control of their critical mobile information. CopyTrans Contacts is fully compatible with iOS6 and is available now for a special launch price of $1.99 USD through October 7th."

    For more information or to download, please visit: http://www.copytrans.net/copytranscontacts.php

    Some of the features that CopyTrans Contacts offers:
    • Full backup of iPhone address book to PC, no Cloud or third-party servers involved
    • Transfer contacts from iPhone to other iOS devices, Outlook, Gmail, Android etc
    • Import contacts to any iPhone from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, Excel, other iOS devices etc
    • Quick iPhone contacts edit directly from PC using a physical keyboard
    • Create and edit iPhone contact groups directly within the Contacts app
    • Delete multiple iPhone contacts
    • Compatible with up to iPhone 5 iOS 6, developed for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP

    CopyTrans Contacts at work:


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